Construction and Foundation Drilling Services

Construction and foundation drilling is used to determine the characteristics of the ground in which foundations for buildings and structures are placed. We provide the following construction and foundation drilling services:

  • Foundation pre-testing
  • Ground anchors
  • Soil nails
  • Sub-soil drainage
  • Micro piling
  • Grouting

Water Bore and Water Well Services

Water bores are necessary to provide consistent water supply for a wide range of applications:

  • Irrigation
  • Commercial, industrial & domestic
  • Pump testing
  • Bore cleaning and development
  • Artesian bore grouting
  • Well capping and grouting

See our water bore drilling page for more detailed information.

Environmental Drilling Services

Environmental drilling is primarily used to monitor the quality of groundwater. The services we provide in this area are:

  • Monitoring bores
  • Sampling

Seismic Drilling Services

Seismic drilling is usually carried out in remote areas, and consists of shallow hole-drilling for the placement of explosives for reflection and refraction surveys.

  • Oil and gas exploration


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Griffiths Drilling offers a comprehensive range of drilling services. Each service is backed-up with our considerable drilling capability, technical expertise and vast practical experience that comes from operating for over 44 years within the New Zealand drilling industry.

Geotechnical Services

Our services include rotary core drilling, rotary mud, concentrix casing systems, standard penetration tests, CPT testing, sampling, hollow steam auger, auger, down hole hammer, air coring, test pits, labour, bore logging and piezometer and inclinometer installations.

Sonic Drilling Services

Griffiths Drilling have the only dual head sonic drilling rig available in New Zealand. Sonic drilling is up to 4 times faster than traditional methods and there are many other advantages and benefits when you use our newly arrived, XL CRS-F Duo Sonic Rig.

Cone Penetration Test (CPT) Services

Our Cone Penetration Test (CPT) service uses our 2 dedicated CPT rigs. These specialist drilling rigs have been designed and customised specifically to meet the needs and demands of our clients and New Zealand drilling conditions.

Technical Consultancy Services

Our technical consultancy services include dedicated Project Managers, technical support and instrumentation monitoring. We also offer geological and geotechnical services and have access to over 45 years of drilling records and geological information that has proven valuable to our clients.

Water Bore Services

We have 50 years experience in drilling water bores. Our water bore drilling and development services are both comprehensive and complete. They include water infrastructure asset management, water bore construction and water bore integrity.