Centre Point Wharf Piles

CentrePort Wharf Piles – Tonkin & Taylor (April/May 2008)

CentrePort owns and operates the port facilities in Wellington, New Zealand.

Project scope

Consulting Engineers Tonkin And Taylor Ltd callled in Griffiths Drilling to drill a series of 10 boreholes in the harbour to determine the geotechnical properties of the ground below the seabed just off the Aotea Quay and Thorndon Container wharves. Standard Penetrometer Tests (SPT) were conducted at 1m centers to provide the information required.

Complicating factors and solutions

The area from which the information was required, Aotea Quay Wharf and the Thorndon Container Wharf are the main cargo handling areas in a busy port with berths seldom being vacant for more than a few hours at a time. Close liaison with CentrePort staff was needed to ensure that the drilling could be fitted round the busy shipping schedule and the forecast weather conditions.

Barge access

The client required information from an area not accessible by land so a barge was required. The rig was put on a barge with a cutout section in the centre of one end. This enabled a working area to be used on the side opposite to where the rig was positioned. The rig was driven on and off the barge via a ramp and once aboard, the barge was moved by tug to each new position.


    Centre Point Wharf Piles