Cone Penetration Test (CPT) Services

The significant advantages of using Griffiths Drilling’s CPT rigs

We’ve spent more than a year researching the options and customising our CPT drilling rig to meet the needs of our customers. Our unit combines the best CPT equipment on the market with a compact, track-mounted Geoprobe rig to reduce mobilisation costs and save our clients money. Our CPT unit can be remote-control operated and is heli-portable.

Our CPT Rig’s Capabilities

  • CPT testing
  • Concentrix casing systems
  • Standard penetration tests
  • Rotary mud and rotary core
  • Sampling
  • Hollow stem auger
  • Auger
  • Down hole hammer
  • Air coring
  • Piezometer and Inclinometer installation

Operating the Latest CPT Software for Superior Results

Our CPT rig runs CPT-Pro software from GeoTech, a world-leading supplier of geotechnical equipment. CPT-Pro is a multi module program designed for the complex analysis, interpretation and presentation of CPT soundings, and also for elaborating on geotechnical documentation.

2 examples of reports from GeoTech’s CPT-Pro software.