Geoscience Testing Services

Geoscience Testing

Our Cone Penetration Test (CPT) service uses our 2 dedicated CPT rigs. These specialist drilling rigs have been designed and customised specifically to meet the needs and demands of our clients and New Zealand drilling conditions.
We believe this gives our Geoscience Testing service a very strong advantage in this field. We’ve spent years researching the options and customising our CPT drilling rigs to meet the needs of our customers. Our unit combines the best CPT equipment on the market with a compact, track-mounted Geoprobe rig to reduce mobilisation costs and save our clients money. Our CPT unit can be remote-control operated and is fully heli-portable.  

Services provided

  • Cone penetration testing (CPT)
  • Small diameter Piezometer installations
  • Window sampling (new)
  • Direct push sampling
  • Core liner sampling
  • Heavy dynamic probe
  • Scala penetrometer testing
  • Hand augers
  • Field resources & logging services
  • Ground penetrating radar
  • Test pits


    Other Services

    Griffiths Drilling XL Duo drill rig 1500 by 1000 pixels

    Services provided:

    • Sonic drilling
    • PQ & HQ coring
    • Rotary drilling
    • SPT testing
    • Piezometer installations
    • Permeability testing
    • Downhole geophysical testing
    • Ground anchors
    • Soil nails
    • Micro piling
    • Vacuum excavation

    Services provided:

    • Municipal water supply bores
    • Water exploration bores
    • Irrigation bores
    • Commercial supply bores
    • Domestic supply bores
    • Water monitoring bores
    • Pump install & servicing
    • Bore head refurbishment
    • Bore & bore head design
    • Casing integrity testing
    • Pump testing & design
    • Water quality testing
    • Flow testing
    • Downhole camera assessments