Silverstream Landfill

Silverstream Landfill – Construction Techniques Ltd (March 2007)

This is a large landfill site serving two cities, as it develops new work in some of the gullies adjoining it, the cuts require sprayed walls and anchors to stabilise them.

Project scope

Griffiths Drilling were called in by the customer to drill the anchor holes in rows along each wall with drainage holes also being required. The work was done around the customers programme of concrete spraying sections of wall.

Complicating factors and solutions

Holes of varying angles were required and the Komatsu rig showed its versatility and performance in quickly completing the project using a down hole hammer. For the holes high up the batter our drilling boom mounted on our 7 tonne excavator was able to provide the reach while being comfortably operated from the ground by wireless remote control.


    Silverstream Landfill