Sonic Drilling Services

Sonic Drilling Services

The newly arrived XL CRS-F Duo sonic rig is the only dual head sonic drilling rig in the entire country. It was purchased after extensive worldwide research into the most efficient and suitable rig for New Zealand conditions. Part of this process also included direct and intensive consultations with existing clients and their demands.

We believe the XL CRS-F Duo Sonic drill is the most flexible, versatile, efficient and effective drilling rig available in New Zealand today. Do not hesitate to contact Griffiths Drilling if you have any questions or require more information about our new sonic rig.

Advantages of Griffiths Drilling new Sonic Drilling rig include:
Faster Delivery

  • Sonic drilling is 4 times faster than any of the traditional methods available today
  • Unparalleled core retrieval rates of consistent quality and above ‘industry standard’ length
  • In variable drilling conditions the dual head allows switching from sonic to wire line coring in under a minute
  • Head unit has full tilt option for drilling flexibility
  • Rubber tracks, smaller size and lower weight allow access to previously inaccessible drilling sites
  • Transportation is easy and quick as entire rig fits within a single HQ container

Safer Operation

  • Full operational remote control removes personnel and drillers assistant from any potentially dangerous areas
  • All loud machinery is enveloped in sound-silencing hull to restrict noise pollution
  • Minimal smearing and no mixing assure quality samples even on contaminated sites
  • Full colour PLC display of all operational hydraulic and engine functions


  • Top of the line 150 Hertz Sonic Head is more effective and efficient than other lower frequency rigs
  • 4 speed rotation wire line head
  • Bean mud pump 160 litre @ 35 bar
  • CE approval and full European Union drill rig certification