Tauhara Geothermal – Geotechnical Drilling Adviser & Consultant

Tauhara Geothermal (2011)

Mel Griffiths was asked by Graham Ramsey, (Technical Director at Beca) to be the Geotechnical Drilling advisor to Contact Energy for the Geotechnical Investigations of Subsidence in the Wairakei – Tauhara Geothermal Field. During this project Mel worked closely with Beca, Auckland University, IGNS, Contact Energy and its Geothermal Drillers.

With his contacts in the New Zealand drilling industry Mel was instrumental in finding the appropriate drilling rig for this type of investigation and the procedures needed to achieve its geotechnical objectives. These objectives were, maximum recovery of high quality cores, while maintaining well security in geothermal conditions with high temperatures and pressures.

Mel also worked on an innovative technique to recover undisturbed samples for compressibility testing in special triaxial cells designed and built for the project. The investigation programme involved drilling nine boreholes with a maximum depth of 774 metres, a total of 4,391 metres drilled and 3,923 metres core recovery. From the 269 undisturbed samples 121 were selected for laboratory compressibility testing.

Attached is the full document of this investigation, click here for a PDF version of the Tauhara Geothermal Report.

… absolutely critical…

“Griffiths Drilling has been absolutely critical in terms of the success we have achieved”.

Dr Graham Ramsey – Technical Director, BECA


    Tauhara Geothermal – Geotechnical Drilling Adviser & Consultant