Technical Consultancy Services

Technical Consultancy

Project management, technical support, geological and geotechnical information and instrumentation monitoring.

Project Management

Griffiths Drilling has project managers available for large and small drilling projects that demand the high level of reporting, supervision, input, problem solving and experience that clients require for the success and smooth running of projects.

Technical Support

We provide technical support in all areas of our operation, which is a valuable asset when tendering projects that require drilling input. The vast experience and technical skills of the people we have on board helps our clients to achieve their own success in securing tenders.

Geological and Geotechnical Information

At Griffiths Drilling we possess at least 45 years of drilling records and geological information, which can prove vital for our clients’ proposals and risk assessments.

Instrumentation Monitoring

As part of our technical division, we have specialist staff available to measure and track water levels and issue detailed monitoring reports.