First 'dual headed' sonic drilling rig in New Zealand

The 'XL CRS-F Duo' sonic rig was hand selected by Grifiths Drilling as the most suitable piece of equipment available in the world today that would meet the demands of clients specific project briefs involving the Christchurch rebuild and the variable conditions found throughout New Zealand. The new rig is small enough to access  tricky areas in the most severe conditions and environments, yet is still large enough to do geotechnical drilling jobs correctly and quickly. This piece of machinery returns top quality geotechnical core samples no matter the ground conditions, and has an unprecedented recovery rate of 100% in field tests.

It is believed that upon arrival the new 'XL CRS-F Duo' rig will be commissioned to work in the Christchurch region assisting on projects involved with the rebuild. But with it's specific skill set and innovative dual head design demand is expected to be high throughout the country.    

Mel Griffiths, Managing Director said "Griffiths Drilling have made this significant investment in equipment to deliver what South Island clients are requesting right now. Sonic drilling is four times faster than traditional practices and it works exceedingly well in gravels, sands, alluvial and colluvial conditions - these are the exact conditions you find due to liquefaction. And if a project requires drilling through rock or solid matter, the new rig can be switched from sonic to traditional wireline core drilling in under a minute thanks to the revolutionary dual purpose head".

Griffiths Drilling expect the first 'dual headed' sonic rig in the country to arrive by late November/early December.

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