Griffiths Drilling attends NZGS Symposium

The New Zealand Geotechnical Society held its 19th Symposium at the Millennium Hotel in Queenstown from the 20th to the 23rd of November. This years Symposium was titled "Hanging by a Thread - Lifelines, Infrastructure and Natural Disasters". This 3 day Symposium concentrated on how ground engineering risks to infrastructure and lifelines are best identified and mitigated by those in the Geotechnical industry.
With recent major natural events in Australasia it was no surprise that attendance numbers were at a record-high.  
In attendance for Griffiths Drilling were Mel Griffiths, Managing Director Griffiths Drilling (NZ) Ltd and Simon Small, Project Manager for Griffiths Civil. During the Symposium their expert geotechnical and extensive practical knowledge were always in high demand. Of particular interest to the audience was the newly arrived XL CRS-F Duo drilling rig, New Zealand's first 'dual head' Sonic drilling rig that offers many advantages.
Of particular interest to Griffiths was a NZGS visit to Clyde Dam. In the early 1980's Griffiths Drilling was heavily involved in all drilling aspects that assisted with the construction of one of New Zealand's largest hydroelectric dams and this was a chance to visit the site.
Mel Griffiths said 'Our close working associations with those in the Geotechnical Industry meant we had a great opportunity to meet face to face and discuss todays issues. In our opinion attending the NZGS Symposium was an outstanding success'. - visit the New Zealand Geotechnical Society web site.
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