Specifications for the Fraste PL.G drilling rig

This compact geotechnical drill rig is agile and powerful.

Ideal for inner city work, and jobs where space is limited. For extremely tight spaces the width of the rig can be reduced down to just one metre wide.

Other features of the Fraste PL.G drill rig are:

  • Remote control
  • Safety cage
  • Automatic SPT hammer
  • Automatic breakout for the drill rods.

Capabilities of the Fraste PL.G drill rig are:

  • HQ
  • Rotary mud
  • Concentrix drilling
  • Down hole hammer
  • Auger

This rig is small and is ideal for very tight sites, footpath work, or even projects inside actual buildings. The rig weighs only 3.5T, with the ability to use a lifting cradle to move it into hard to access sites by either crane or helicopter.


  • Width: 1m – 1.4m (adjustable)
  • Length: 4.3m with mast down
  • Height: 4.3m
  • Weight: 3500kg

Download the Fraste PL.G drill rig PDF here.

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